Ariel Houston

CEO and President

Ariel Houston is the CEO and President of the Houston Foundation for Hope (HFH), a not-for-profit educational organization she co-founded with her husband Michael Houston. The purpose of HFH is to fight the epidemic of substance abuse disorders in the United States –  starting in her home state of Kentucky.

Ariel holds two MAs, one in Psychology and another in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Kentucky. Ariel has channeled her energy and family’s network of entertainment resources to address and mitigate the causes and consequences of substance abuse disorders.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Ariel grew up in New York City where at a young age, she found success as a professional child model, singer, and actress, having performed in multiple off-Broadway musicals, was featured in over 15 national commercials, and became a SAG/AFTRA member all before the age of 12. She is noted for having sang the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks 3 times a season from age 9-15.

Ariel resides in Lexington, KY with her husband and two fast growing sons, Jordan, and Noah.

It Impacts Others

Substance addiction does not just impact an individual, but rather their family, friends, and community – often changing lives forever and altering the well-being of those impacted.

Michael & Whitney 

Michael is music legend Whitney Houston’s older brother. He stood by her side throughout her rise on the charts and on the screen. With Ariel, Michael is a co-founder of the Houston Foundation for Hope and he has borne witness personally to the pain, and loss that substance abuse can bring. As such, he takes a leading role in speaking, educating, and bringing “addiction honesty” to the forefront of our national conversation as a spokesperson and advocate.

It is a Disease

Addiction is a disease that can take hold of anyone – be they young or old, rich, or poor, no matter their race, gender, education, or intelligence.