As human beings, we are resilient. When in a state of active addiction, belief in one’s purpose and personal resilience is often lost. To succeed in a battle against addiction, regaining purpose and resilience is essential; our innate power to change often rests in one word – hope.


Hope in oneself can provide motivation for behavioral change. Hope reminds us that we can try again tomorrow. Hope provides a light at the end of the tunnel and unlocks self-belief in future possibilities.  Hope is a starting point in life that when instilled, helps others find a life without substance use dependencies.


–Ariel Houston

Education Makes a Difference

We educate individuals, families, and their communities – without judgement – about substance abuse matters. Our efforts identify, publish, and communicate the most accurate information available on substance abuse facts in a fight to stop this epidemic. We seek to:


  • Prevent early onset of substance use.
  • Clarify the difference between substance abuse, misuse, tolerance, and dependence.
  • Help analyze root causes behind substance abuse: trauma, depression, guilt, pain relief, or other life events.
  • Provide methods to build a social support network that promotes a fulfilling life – away from substance abuse.
  • Promote a full Mind, Body, Spirit model that considers biological, psychological, and social elements.
  • Address the interconnectedness of the above to support prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts.