ID Recovery

HFH provides those in need of state identification, be it a birth certificate or a Kentucky DMV identity card, for no charge via our partners:

  • ARC Addiction Recovery Center
  • Optimal Living Services
  • DeNova
  • Protea/Walker House
  • Madison Homes, Inc.
  • Nulease Medical Solutions

Success Stories

“Getting and ID and birth certificate has helped me to gain employment for the first time in my life.”

ID Recovery beneficiary

“The ID and bus pass program has helped so many of our clients. I would say at least 85% of individuals on my caseload do don’t have government identification, which makes it really difficult to assist them with gaining employment, housing, or even SNAP benefits for food. One client informed me that the ID program helped him get his first apartment. He always ran into issues with not having supporting documents like a birth certificate and ID and HFH was big part of helping him obtain housing.”

Targeted Case Manager